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The Brit & Blue Signature Jacket is the finest duck cloth jacket in the world. It melds bespoke inspired elegance with the blue collar work ethic of American men and women.

Eric and Kathie Adams created Brit & Blue as a way of interweaving two very different inspirations. The first is a love of fine tailoring, particularly that done in Britain. The second is an upbringing in America’s heartland where a relentless work ethic in the coal mines and farm fields has for generations been the path to a respectable way of life.

You Work Hard To Live Well

Brit & Blue men and women grind it out every day to achieve and maintain their own version of success and status. These are individuals whose daily wardrobes have to be incredibly versatile to accommodate their lifestyle.


“My Brit & Blue jacket means more to me than any other sport coat. Being a small town farmer, the versatility of the jacket has allowed me to fit in at a variety of occasions. Not to mention the awesome conversations the coat brings to the table.”

Chase Sailer | Sailer Farms | Carmi, Illinois

The Brit & Blue Signature Jacket


“It’s tailored like a luxury piece, but rugged as all hell.”

Jeff Parrott | Blade & Bow Whiskey | Louisville, Kentucky

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An Inspired Company

The vein of our story runs not through the design districts of Milan. Nor the couture houses of Paris. No, the vein that gave and gives life to our clothing, including and especially our first-born hacking jacket, is made from a material not often considered a source of much inspiration — artistic or otherwise. Dirty and dusty, dangerous to extract, the vein we tap into is coal.

Born and reared in the heart of Southern Illinois coal country — aka Little Egypt to those in the know — our founder took keen note of his father's hard work at a coal company machine shop. And of the hard-lined, soot-stained faces of his father's friends and his friends' fathers. Grit and grime and grinding it out were the keys to, if not the good life, an inarguably respectable one.

That environment bred an appreciation for sweat and sacrifice, and a desire to celebrate those whose own stories saw them moving up but never moving on. Stories that prove the finer things in life aren't always frilly or fragile.

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