You Work Hard


You Live Well

Clothing designer Eric Adams created the Brit & Blue Signature Hacking Jacket with the intent of melding bespoke-inspired elegance with the blue collar work ethic of American men. The resulting jacket is no doubt inspired by his client relationships with successful men working in a variety of industries.

Signature Hacking Jacket

◇ 10-ounce Duck Cloth Fabric ◇ Canvas Construction ◇ Slanted Lower Pockets ◇ Ticket Pocket ◇ Inside Cigar Pocket ◇ 3-Button Cuffs ◇ Contrast Pic Stitching ◇ Bespoke Craftsmanship ◇ Individually Numbered ◇ Signed by Designer

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Some of Eric’s clients are even known to keep spare wardrobes in their vehicles so that when called upon they can do a “Superman in a phone booth” in order to be appropriately dressed for the situation at hand. These are men of power and means, proud in the company of their workers, distinguished in the company of all. 

An Inspired Company

Brit & Blue has emerged as a company inspired by men like these. A brand focused on adding versatility to most any wardrobe. One whose products accompany the man-on-the-go as he sucks the marrow out of every moment.

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